It’s unrestrained, chaotic rock music that punctures you with a powerful melody and the haggard, visceral wail of the vocals. 


Danish rock has never sounded more lethal than The Love Coffin. It's hard to define the band’s bleak sound, but the emotional impact is undeniable.

For over three years, The Love Coffin was nothing more than a vague rumour in the Copenhagen music scene. They rarely played any live shows and hadn't released any recorded material. Despite this, there's always been an aura of mystery and quiet anticipation surrounding the band – as if everyone knew that they would go on to produce something special.

In the fall of 2015, that’s exactly what they did. The Love Coffin released their first EP 'Veranda'—a study in the dark sides of modern existence. Pain, apathy, isolation, depression and anger are depicted with terrifying precision through the five-track EP. It's as if the band witnessed the apocalypse and came back to create music about it.

This visceral sublimity has become the essence of The Love Coffin's sound. Bipolar vocals unravel into acidic screams that scratch the bottom of the human soul. Western-inspired guitar recalling dry, desolate plains sets the gloomy stage, until immense walls of jagged noise break the boundaries of sanity. Ultimately, The Love Coffin exudes hopelessness—boiled down to its bare musical bones.

The Love Coffin is a rigorous band. In the process of 'Veranda' they were willing to isolate themselves from the musical community to pursue a stylistically spotless result. They refuse to compromise, which is precisely what drives their authentic and sometimes extreme sound.

This very thorough musical approach might be why Vice's Noisey went on to premiere 'Veranda' in the US and the UK as well as Denmark. Or why Danish Noisey placed the first single, 'Sheets of Ice', as number one on their list of the top 20 Danish premieres of 2015. For a new band with no prior recordings, those are tremendous feats that prove that The Love Coffin is prolific and unlike anything else in the Danish rock landscape.

The Love Coffin is currently working on their debut album. The band consists of Jonatan K. Magnussen on vocals and guitar, Kristian Alexander on guitar, Lasse Christiansen on keys and guitar, Tue Einar on bass and Alexander Vitus on drums.


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